Where: Guimaras Island (Alobijod cove & raymen beach resort)

They said you must travel at least one place that you’ve never been before. And i highly recommend to visit Guimaras as a best place to escape from a stressful work.

Me and my travel buddies leave Bacolod around 6am, we rode a jeepney going to PULUPANDAN and paid 25 pesos as a fare.It was like 30 minute drive away from bacolod. When we arrived at the port,we bought a ticket for the pumpboat ride going to the island and the  ticket costs 75 pesos per head and luckily we got the 8am trip.

Estimated travel time  from Pulupandan to the island is about 30minutes. It was my first time to go for a boat ride and it sounds  adventure for me. At first place, i thought i would suffer from nausea but good thing my stomach was been so cooperative for the whole time. The scariest part of the trip was passing through the bridge in order to get into the shore. Seriously,my mouth keeps on blabbering profanity words to lessen the chill i felt inside because of fear. Such a relief after i surpassed the terrifying bridge.

From the guimaras port,an hour drive from motorcycle to hit our destination.Actually, you can also ride a jeepney or a van but since were just 6 of us we took the motorcycle for a ride and paid 500 pesos.
The travel experience from port to the cove was not a joke, i even got butt cramps.I sat down at the back part of the vehicle which is a kind a stiff ,so instead of thinking how uncomfortable my position was I savor the views as we go along.


And finally we’re here.

First thing we did when we arrived? EAT. The foods were luscious that I can even ate a whole pot of rice. Later that,we already get a room in order for us to took a rest for such a long trip.The room rates were affordable and staffs were accommodating.


The awesome part of this escapade was,ISLAND HOPPING. For the price of 800 pesos(3 hours) you can already visit different islands.





This is a summer to remember.
Next stop,Boracay!

photos by:JAKIEKIM
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