WHERE:  Victorias City (Gawahon Falls) If you are an adventurous and loves to hike or camp out, Gawahon is the best place to visit. For only 20 pesos as an entrance fee you will already enjoy the whole place from the beautiful sceneries,relaxing ambiance and exciting adventure. Victorias City is just a 30minute drive from Bacolod City. We rode on a non air conditioned bus that only cost 35 pesos for fare. When we arrived at the city, me and my friends made a tour for a bit at their plaza. We looked for a ride to Gawahon which costs 50 pesos each for fare in tricycle. From the victorias city to Gawahon itself,it will take 20 minute drive or less. While were on the road,I was amazed to their breathtaking landscapes. Visiting countryside made me fully understand what simple living means.

As we arrived, we head towards the reception to pay for the entrance fee and had your names listed on their log book.

Before we get to the falls, you need to take a long walk for about 20 minutes or so.

Finally, we’d seen this magical beauty of Gawahon falls. Looks like a place from a fantasy movie,isn’t it? We didn’t witness the main waterfall since it will took us another 1km of walking to make it there.

We kill some of our time in hiking in order for us to see other hidden falls in Gawahon.

**Gawahon have cabin type rooms that can be rented for overnight stay**

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