Day tour in Kalanggaman Island

Beach, tan lines, island & water activities are my connotations when i heard summer. Before it ends, I planned to travel for hours just to be on this beautiful island  of Kalanggaman in Leyte. This island was featured several times already on TV’s and in social media , so I think a quick visit here can quench my longing for the beach.

Kalanggaman lies between Leyte and Cebu Island, so you have 2 options to reach the island. Summer season could the best time to explore since the weather is good & you’ll have a smooth boat ride.


Via Air 

First you need to go to Palompon, Leyte. You can go to Palompon, Leyte via Tacloban Airport or Cebu Airport (a.k.a. Mactan International Airport). See the details below.

  • How to get to Kalanggaman from Tacloban Airport, ride a van going to Palompon. Trip takes about 4 hours.
  • How to get to Kalanggaman from Cebu Airport, ride a taxi to go to Pier 3. In pier 3, you can either ride a SuperCat (fast boat) going to Ormoc or a ship en route to Palompon. Supercat fare usually costs around P600 while ship ticket costs around P495. If you chose SuperCat, it takes about 2 hours to reach Ormoc, then you need to ride a van going to Palompon which can cost you another P150. Ship from Cebu will take 4 hours to reach Palompon.

Once you’re in Palompon, go to Palompon Liberty Park and pay the necessary fees for the Kalanggaman EcoTour. You can ride a bike called Potpot to go to Liberty Park. It only costs P3 per person. Boat ride from this point to Kalanggaman Island takes about an hour for regular boats and 35 minutes for speed boats. (source:

From North Cebu

  • Take a bus or V-HIRE at Northbound Terminal going to New Maya port, where you can ride a boat heading to the island.
    *Travel time from Northbound Terminal to New Maya port (V-Hire): 3hrs
    *Travel time from New Maya port to Kalanggaman: 2 hrs


I have seen a lot of  tour packages online which is too much for a day-tour . Fortunately, I found a guide in Cebu that offers 800 peso day-tour package inclusive with lunch— actually this is a cheapest deal for kalanggaman tour. Manong Yugi(my guide) was very nice and witty, I didn’t expect how he cares a lot on his guests. He gave us instructions on what are the do’s and don’ts before we go.

Me and my friends went there  on weekdays to steer clear of crowd. We only have 6 hours to spend at Kalanggaman(carpe diem!). You can explore the whole island for minutes, the other side of it was a rocky shore where waves are calm—only few tourists swim on this part—the sea was really inviting.Bring your gears to snorkel and explore the colorful corals. The current  on the end part of sandbar is quite strong, swimming at this point is risky.  Tourism officer have already put a signage for precautions in case you really want to take a dip.



Day tour package (incl. of lunch) – 800
Vhire to New Maya port – 120
Island Entrance fee: 150

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4 responses to “Day tour in Kalanggaman Island

  1. Do not take yugi as a guide he is a f*kcing off. He has a lot of hidden charges. Even if you ask before hand if the prices are all in.
    He has some bs about it being low season but wont inform you of these before hand. Load of crap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We took the boat from north cebu. It is the same port if you are going to Malapascua. You can try this number but im not sure if its still working 09359969716 . We settled our payment upon meetup at the port.


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