Ascend to Mount Agua Colonia

Weekend mode is on, which means,another adventure.And this time I’ll be conquering the summit of Mount Agua Colonia in Iloilo. The mountain is unfamiliar from the people outside Panay Island.There are only few articles that can be found online that shows detailed information and itineraries regarding Mount Agua Colonia. The rock summit resembles to the parrot’s beak monolith at Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite.


 * From Iloilo City, take a jeepney to Leon
Travel Time: 1 hour
*From Leon, ride a jeepney to Bucari
Travel Time: 45 minutes
*As you arrive , hire a habal-habal to take you to Brgy. Bobon—this serves as your jump-off point to Mt.Agua.


Me and my friends got there around 11am and the sun was scorching hot.If you decides to hike in Mt.Agua,better start the trek as early as possible. Half of the trail is open and surrounded by cogon grass.It is recommended to wear long-sleeves,leggings,hat and apply sunscreen.The first two hours of our trek  was entirely uphill  and it was really exhausting. Never expected such a  difficult steep assault. After 2 hours of struggling  in climbing at midday, I finally got the chance to rest and ate our lunch. We stopped for half an hour to regain our energy for another 2hour trek inside the forest,which was more easier.

We’ve completed the 4hour hike to summit at around 4PM .The wind started to chill and fog gradually covered the mountain view.


Conquering Mount Agua Colonia requires a lot of endurance and stamina.The hike
experienced was indeed challenging.You will definitely skip leg workouts in the gym after climbing this mountain.

For assistance contact this no. 09077316150.

Feel free to email me for questions.

For more photos visit my page:

3 responses to “Ascend to Mount Agua Colonia

  1. Hello. 🙂

    Your post got me interested to visit Iloilo and maybe the entire Panay island. LOL Wishful thinking. 😀 Currently toying on the idea of a road trip, we will bring our car from Cebu then day hike to Agua Colonia then Napulak and maybe visit beaches as well.

    Do you think it’s possible?


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