Nature trip at Lunao Falls in Maao

Me and my friends went for another “i-do-not-know-we-were-heading-road-trip” adventure  Maao, Negros Occidental to check out the hidden falls of Lunao. We were totally clueless on how to get there ,so, we just put our trust to our reliable friend, Google Map.As we arrived in Maao Public Market, we asked help from locals to get directions where to find Lunao Falls.At first, they were confused as they haven’t heard of it until I let them show a photo of it from my phone.They mentioned random names and heard them called it “busay” or “tinago” so, we presumed that’s what were looking for.They instructed us that we just need to drive straight ahead of the main road, and so, we did. For almost 20-30 minutes drive, we saw  signage going to Mailum and from there, we asked a local to  accompanied us going to Lunao—which would take  15-20 minutes of trekking.



Wear a pair of trekking sandal or shoes  when you get here since its slippery and you need to cross over this river in order to get to the other side.The trail to Lunao falls was easy but requires you to be an extra cautious since there are lots of rocks along the way.The reddish color of rocks were caused by sulfur which goes with the water.



This place is not only for nature lovers, but also for those travelers who want to quench their adrenaline rush—climbed this giant boulder with an estimated height of 10 feet and from the top you can jump off to the freezing cold water.





  • From Bacolod Libertad, ride a bus bound for  Maao (30pesos)
  • From Maao Public Market, take a trike going to Mailum (30pesos)
    • Ask some locals to lead you to the falls (no fixed rate for the guide fee)

Feel free to email me for questions.

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6 responses to “Nature trip at Lunao Falls in Maao

  1. hello every onei am jastin librado and im the tourguide there in busay miren at the same time in maragandang falls you can contact me on this cellphone # 09463391506 if you want to go there…. and please be responsible on your garbages.


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