Underwater adventure at Moalboal

Is diving your thing? Exploring the underwater world is on your list? Are you dying to have a selfie with sea turtle or swim with the thousands of sardines? Then, Moalboal is the place to be.

South Cebu trip wouldn’t be complete without dropping by in Moalboal to experience another taste of  adventure that surely leaves you in awe.It is one of the best sites in Cebu to catch sight of massive coral reefs, different types of fish and other marine  species.



From Cebu City:

  • Ride a bus in Cebu City South Bus Terminal to Moalboal
    Travel Time : 3hours

From Dumaguete:

  • Take a ferry in Sibulan Port going Liloan
    Fare: 62 pesos
  • Ride a bus going to Bato Terminal
    Fare: 9 pesos
  • From Bato Terminal, take a bus bound for Moalboal
    Travel Time: 2hours
    Fare: 85 pesos

-Upon arrival in Moalboal, charter a trike going to your destination either Panagsama beach or Basdaku Beach for the price of 150 pesos. If you travel alone or two, ride a habal-habal instead which cost 100 pesos.
Driver contact no#(Kuya Adonis): 09421001644


  •  Pescador Island hopping
    – Pescador Island is one of the famous marine parks in Cebu that is abundant in marine life which often visited by tourists to dive.Discover scuba diving rate usually starts from 2000 pesos.If you’re not into diving, you can do snorkeling around the island and observe the beauty under.There are several shops in Moalboal where you can rent snorkeling gears that start from 100-200 pesos, in case, you don’t have one.
    Island hopping rate: 1,500 pesos


  • Sea- Turtle and Sardine Run watching
    -After you’re done in Pescador Island, the next stop is where sea-turtle and the famous sardines run can be found. You also have an option to go for scuba diving around the area and be more tantalized of this wildlife phenomenon.Sometimes, sea turtles can be seen here making  rounds.

    I’m not a good swimmer and honestly, I’m even afraid of deep water, but, what I encountered in Moalboal helped me to recover from that fear. While, I was on the boat preparing myself to get down in the dark blue water which indicates that it’s already deep, my heart beating faster and seems like there are butterflies in my stomach.I sat down for a minute to relax by clearing my thoughts from being paranoid and inhale deeply. I can still sense my fear of deep-water as I immersed , but, the tension slowly dropped when I saw this huge school of fish.Watching the shape-shifting sardine run was mind-blowing. From the distance, I  spotted my friends doing free-dive and I was like ” YOLO! I should try that”. I approached my friend, Mark, to film me. For the first try, I made it 10 seconds of holding my breath underwater and did it for several attempts until I hold it longer than that—not bad for a first timer. That experience encouraged me to indulged in attending a free-diving class and turned this into a new hobby.


    -it has a long stretch of white sand beach where travelers can stay for beach camp however, the local government failed to maintain it’s cleanliness. Due to an inevitable flock of tourists in this area, the LGU’s  must strictly imply the proper garbage disposal.What we saw at that time was really disappointing. As a tourist, we should be responsible for our own garbage to avoid destroying our beaches and death of marine species. You paid for an entrance fee of 5 pesos, but, it doesn’t mean that we just depend on the cleanup of the trash from locals. For now, I cannot recommend this place highly enough to visit.


  • Rocita’s Cottage – For 1,500 good for 3 persons, you can have an air-conditioned room with kitchen and cable TV.
    Contact no: 09169205618 / +630324743530
    Location: Panagsama beach




Feel free to email me for questions.

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